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My five must-have Louis Vuitton Purses

Maybe you ask yourself: Is she really doing a blog entry on her purses? ☺ Yes, I am. I actually love ♥love♥ ♥love♥ purses ☺☺. Especially LV purses..
So, if you don't like these kinds of entries, then you don't have to read this. But if you adore purses such as me: keep reading ☺.  I hope you like my must-have purses and feel free to leave comments below or if you have questions -  I will answer them for sure ;) I will list down the links where you can buy the bags - if still available.




The first purse I chose is my ♥♥ Louis Vuitton Pochette in Black Epi Leather ♥♥ - the old model. I think it's always good to have a clutch in your collection since clutches are very handy but give you enough room to store all your essentials. They are just the perfect companions for going out in the evenings or if you don't want to take too much stuff.

I especially love this pochette because it is black and matches all my outfits. You can either dress is up or dress it down. When I go out, e.g. for dinner or to a disco, I use this purse with a chain to make it look dressier. But you can also use this purse as a small crossbody purse when you're running errands, you want to have your hands free and don't want to take too much stuff with you. You only need to attach a longer strap to the purse. I absolutely love this option.


The second purse which I absolutely love is my ♥♥ Louis Vuitton Rivington GM in Damier Ebene  Canvas ♥♥. It is such a good sized bag and is definitely carefree. It is a medium-size purse which really holds a lot. I especially love the beautiful details, the treated leather and the ebene canvas. 
In matter of size I would compare it to the Speedy 30. In my opinion, however, the Rivington GM is a tote bag version of the Speedy. It has the shape of a bowling bag but has longer straps so that you can use it as a shoulder bag. 
I always pick this purse when it's raining or snowing. I can just walk around and I don't have to worry about my bag.


The third bag which I absolutely adore is my ♥♥ Louis Vuitton Palermo GM in Monogram Canvas ♥♥. Sometimes a girl just needs a really big bag☺. When I decided on buying a big bag I wanted a bag which looks very classy, feminine and stylish. I wanted a zipper, a crossbody option and a bag that is big but doesn't look too big. So I went to the store and the SA showed my the Palermo GM: It was love at first sight! The bag holds a ton! I use it as a briefcase or as a weekender, because I can store so many things inside. I especially recommend this purse to all stylish mums who haven't already chosen on a diaper bag.


My forth must-have LV purse is tadaaaa (drum roll): the classic ♥♥ Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 in Monogram Canvas ♥♥. I think I do not have to say a lot about this purse. In my opinion, every girl needs a speedy. I love the soft handles and the feminine style of the purse. In my opinion, you're always well-dressed when you carry such a classic.♥♥♥


Last but not least is my ♥♥ Louis Vuitton Totally PM in Damier Azur Canvas ♥♥. Since it is winter here in Germany, my totally pm is currently hibernating in her dust bag. But when spring will come, she will definitely come out, too ☻. In my opinion, the totally is one of the most beautiful purses LV has ever created.♥
In matter of size I would say the totally pm looks very similar to the speedy 30 or the rivington gm. However, it doesn't hold so much, just because of the shape.

The old Model of the Pochette in Epi Leather has been discontinued; so here's the new model if you're interested: Pochette NM in Epi Black
Rivington GM has been discontinued
Palermo GM has been discontinued

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