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Review, Swatches of Rebel and Diva by Mac

Today I would like to share with you and review my two favorite lipsticks by Mac for fall and winter: Rebel and Diva by Mac. I listed the links where you can buy the lippsticks down below.

Pic. 1: Mac Lipsticks
Pic. 2: Diva and Rebel

Pic. 3: Compare Diva and Rebel

The names Diva (on the left of pic. 2) and Rebel (on the right of pic. 2) perfectly suit the colors.They are both absolutely eye-catching and feminine.

Rebel, in my opinion, is one of the most adorable fuchsia-berry shades. When you first open the lipstick you might be scared at first, because it looks so overwhelmingly dark, purple and (at least for me) not suitable for daily use. But when you apply it, you might be positively surprised by this stunning lipstick:

Pic. 4: Rebel Swatches

The lipstick actually looks completely different when you apply it. It is not as dark as seems to be at first sight.
It is very easy to apply, smooth and has a silky sheen. Even though the texture is very creamy when applying it, the lipstick doesn't move out of your lips and stays for hours.

Diva is an absolutely adorable winter color as well and probably my favorite lipstick ever. It is more like a dark burgundy shade. The texture is not as creamy as Rebel's is but more matte.

Pic. 5: Diva Swatches

If you love matte colors than this is definitely the one to go with since it doesn't shine at all and doesn't dry out your lips too much. In my opinion, this is also the perfect color to wear with a little black dress or an elegant jumpsuit. Here's some swatches of both lipsticks so that you can decide which color you prefer:

Pic. 6: Diva and Rebel Swatches

I also like wearing Diva and Rebel on a daily basis and apply less color to make the lipsticks look more natural:

Pic. 7: Diva and Rebel for everyday life

What is your favorite lipstick for fall and winter?

The lipsticks I was using (
Mac Lipstick Rebel

The lipsticks I was using (

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